YUN YANG YRR-13 Recessed Mounting Addressable Photoelectric Smoke Detector


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  • Address coding by binary coded dip switch.
  • Two-wires multi-transmission.
  • Expandable to connect with conventional detectors.
  • With photoelectric sensor, it can react rapidly and accurately with high stability. Also, there is no false alarm due to chemicals, exhaust gas, wind and exterior light.
  • Stainless steel inspect-proof nets (holes’ diameter of 0.5 mm) ensure smooth inflow of smoke but preventing from insects or dust.
  • The detector doesn’t contain any radioactive substances, causing no harm to humans or animals.
  • The detector is reusable and maintenance easy. Remove the cover to clean the interior.
  • With compact styling and pretty outlines, the detector can enhance ceilings decoration design and visual effect.
  • The detector is made of flame retardant and high temperature-resistant plastic with elegance design.

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